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Above the Noise, Not Part of It

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October 1, 2023


P-QRM 55: EU and Brexit

We do a short..short? well, as short as we can, podcast on the EU, Brexit and the possible effects on the rest of Europe.  North Korea’s attempt at world domination and China… Just a few things we hit on in this issue of Political QRM.

NSA: Obama’s Charlie McCarthy?

The lid has been blown off of the Obama administration’s misuse of the National Security Agency’s capabilities. This latest scandal has damaged our national security and the intelligence agency’s credibility to the extent that it may take years to recover. The whistleblower, Edward Snowden, who was first a CIA employee, then a contractor with Booz

Quick Hits: National Security

Meeting of BRIC: Brazil, Russia, India, China and now South Africa are meeting in China . The consolidation of these countries does not bode well for the USA. With the inclusion of South Africa, the group accounts for 40 percent of the world’s people, 18 percent of global trade and about 45 percent of current