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February 24, 2019

Quick Hits: National Security

Meeting of BRIC: Brazil, Russia, India, China and now South Africa are meeting in China . The consolidation of these countries does not bode well for the USA. With the inclusion of South Africa, the group accounts for 40 percent of the world’s people, 18 percent of global trade and about 45 percent of current growth, giving them formidable leverage when dealing with the developed economies. One of the most important demands is that there be a revamped monetary system that doesn’t rely on the dollar. The BRIC countries are also establishing credit lines in their own currency and not the dollar. This is not good news for us.  India, which in the ’80’s and ’90s had strong ties to Russia dealing in military arms and advisers in their country seems to be getting cozy with them again.  Brazil’s deep oil well drilling is putting them ahead of us in energy exploration thanks to Obama’s $2B loan (let’s face it,we won’t get that back) and with our massive debt to China our economy is hanging by a thread. The alliance of these countries is dangerous to our military, foreign policy and economic security. Don’t think this is just a friendly coffee klatch. Russia is positioning itself to be the world’s leader. China, while it does have military might is not as organized as Russia in placing military advisers and relocating troops worldwide.  But China is an economic power while Russia does still have some economic weaknesses.   There may still be a level of mistrust between the two countries (old feelings die hard),  but remember, they do have a common goal: establishing Communism throughout the world. And that, my friends includes here, also. Remember, if a country is weak economically,  any leader will do. Remember Germany in the 1930’s.

Of course the Obama administration will probably welcome this development. It is just another step in bringing developing countries to a higher economic level, while weakening our economy and military.  Heck, he probably helped fund this conference with our borrowing from China and giving money to Brazil.  Oh, let’s not forget the START Treaty in which we gave everything to Russia.

Oh, boy…

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