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Above the Noise, Not Part of It

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August 24, 2019


P-QRM #135: The Culture War

On this edition of Political QRM, we touch on the cultural problems of this country and the influence on our everyday life.. And how Hollywood wants to have a bigger say in our lives than you realize. CPAC weekend, NOKO summit and more this week..

P-QRM #35: Filibuster and more!

Another week, another bunch of stupid things said by people who should no longer be in the limelight. For some reason, they still think they’re relevant. We discuss those people: John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who for some reason think what Senator Rand Paul did with his 13 hour filibuster was tantamount to lunacy. But

P-QRM #3: CPAC, Maine Caucus

Lou and Ann Marie respond to both the Maine Caucus and CPAC results….it isn’t pretty. What is ‘seriously conservative’, and the rest of the GOP Presidential race.