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June 18, 2019

P-QRM #35: Filibuster and more!

Another week, another bunch of stupid things said by people who should no longer be in the limelight. For some reason, they still think they’re relevant. We discuss those people: John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who for some reason think what Senator Rand Paul did with his 13 hour filibuster was tantamount to lunacy. But if you look at it, he actually acted like a real American Senator: bringing to the forefront an issue that he knew to be un-American and un-Constitutional.  It seems Sens. McCain and Graham have forgotten that little bit of history.

We also focus on upcoming CPAC; who was invited and not..

The 2016 (not already!) candidacies are being discussed and it looks as if Jeb Bush may be the pick of the GOP elites…Considering how well they did last election; this doesn’t bode well for them.

Also, the increased aggressive posturing by both North Korea and Soviet Union.

And it’s been over a week and yes, Hugo Chavez is still dead…

This and more on this week’s Political QRM.


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