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Above the Noise, Not Part of It

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October 1, 2023

North Korea

P-QRM #99: Playing Catch-Up

We are so busy in this podcast; trying to fit in as much as we can in 2 hours (yes, 2 hours). Covered in this edition: 100 days of the Trump administration, the antifa (we call them babies) North Korea, Ryan and his reluctance to do his part as an American and so many other

P-QRM 55: EU and Brexit

We do a short..short? well, as short as we can, podcast on the EU, Brexit and the possible effects on the rest of Europe.  North Korea’s attempt at world domination and China… Just a few things we hit on in this issue of Political QRM.

P-QRM #35: Filibuster and more!

Another week, another bunch of stupid things said by people who should no longer be in the limelight. For some reason, they still think they’re relevant. We discuss those people: John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who for some reason think what Senator Rand Paul did with his 13 hour filibuster was tantamount to lunacy. But