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February 23, 2019


P-QRM #123: Invasion On Our Southern Border, 2nd Amendment Under Attack: This is Getting Ridiculous

America is under attack from all sides. Usually we talk about it culturally, but with the marches against our 2nd Amendment and the Mexican government encouraging and giving safe passage to ‘asylum seekers’ one can’t help but feel that the attack is now a reality. That, the ‘March for Our Lives’, 2nd amendment and more

P-QRM#76 Viva Trump!

We finally have a GOP candidate who is in the corner of real Americans: we focus on The Donald’s trip to Mexico and the slam dunk of a speech that evening. Then of course, there’s Hillary………need we say more? And, of course, the latest in the world: whether it’s the “religion of Peace” and whatever

Illegal Trump Protestors Worried About Losing Their Handouts, Not Opportunity

The latest Trump rally in San Jose, California showed the real intent and feeling of the “poor illegals” looking for a better life.  They burned American flags, cornered and pelted a woman with eggs, attacked the police and rally attendees. They’re seeing the writing on the wall and they’re not happy about it. Their freeloading days