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March 25, 2019

Illegal Trump Protestors Worried About Losing Their Handouts, Not Opportunity

The latest Trump rally in San Jose, California showed the real intent and feeling of the “poor illegals” looking for a better life.  They burned American flags, cornered and pelted a woman with eggs, attacked the police and rally attendees. They’re seeing the writing on the wall and they’re not happy about it. Their freeloading days at the expense of the American taxpayer may be coming to an end. That is what they’re protesting. Not rights, not opportunities, just the end of the handouts. Sick, isn’t it?

Quick facts: $24.8 Billion in remittances were sent to Mexico in 2015. Foreign aid to Mexico that same year totaled $165,510,000.00  Now you know why you can’t make ends meet and taxes keep going up. We’re Mexico’s pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Or rather: YOU are, my friend.

If you look back in the immigration history of this country, anyone who came from Eastern/Western Europe and/or Asia, came here to make things better for themselves. They didn’t want a handout.  They knew that the society in which they were raised was opportunity empty for them; especially if they had been raised in the country. There were caste systems: very rarely could one better him or herself with a better job. Education opportunities were scarce, also. They came here for the opportunity to do better, to have their own money and possessions that they earned with their own two hands. They were grateful and showed their appreciation by respecting this country, sending some of their children to fight and, yes, in some cases, die for this country.

Because they came to a country where basic education was free, they made sure their children attended. They wanted subsequent generations to do better than they did. Woe to the child who didn’t want to go to school: I’ll bet the switch was used on more than one backside during that time. If you’re a lib reading this and are horrified: get over it..

Those coming from Mexico especially are here to freeload and feed off of our hard work. They believe the Southwestern part of America are territories that really belong to Mexico and they want it back. Riiiight.. And they’ve done such a great job with the land mass they already have…Oh, please..

Our taxes that have come from the hard work of Americans: that should be dispersed in the defense of this country and its citizenry, and ensure a safe infrastructure, are being distributed to people who never want to assimilate, don’t want to be part of this country,  and who have no love or appreciation for it. They just stand there with their hands out, demand, demand, and riot when they don’t get what they want.

They will never understand the concept of America,  its Constitution or what our Founders went through to give subsequent generations the opportunity to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. They’re not remotely interested in learning about it. Their interests lie in flying the Mexican flag, disparaging America and all it stands for and bleeding her dry. My advice: go the hell back to Mexico and do that there. Except for the money. We need it.

These people are not an asset to this country, will never contribute anything, will never want their children to fight in defense of our Constitution, our safety, our national interests.

Keep the protests going, people. Americans, REAL Americans are getting more and more disgusted by your actions. You are proving what many of us have been saying all along: you don’t belong here. So: Gracias, amigos…

These rioters at Trump rallies are showing their true colors and they’re not Red, White and Blue.


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