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June 2, 2023

Do You Honestly Believe, Senator Cruz, the GOP Wants You In the White House?

The GOP elites have decided, for now, to put all their energy toward Ted Cruz to get the nomination in the race for the White House. They’ve already stacked the deck in Louisiana, where they’ve seized 5 out 6 delegate positions on 3 committees that would write rules and platforms for the Republican National Convention this summer. Interesting how Donald Trump can win the state’s primary, yet lose…

One has to wonder about the GOP strategy in all this. Granted, we know they HATE Donald Trump because he’s a direct threat to their power. Having his own funds, he answers to no one.. and therein lies the rub, as they say. They can’t control him. And that is the last type of candidate they want holding the GOP banner. They have worked very hard to consolidate their power in Congress, along with the Democratic Party: oh, yes, they figure into this also. Never fear.

Here’s the scenario. The Republican Party has a nice little operation going in Congress. Even though we have given them the House and the Senate after much crying by them that “they can’t do anything without control of Congress” …oops, uh, no, we need the White House, now. And with Donald Trump it looks as though it may happen. But wait! That’s not what they want. The one thing in the world the GOP does not  want is Donald Trump as President.

What they really want is the status quo. They don’t want change. They’re ensconced in their positions in DC, fighting when the cameras are on,  yet not fighting against the Democrats when the camera lights go off.  Let’s face it. There is one political party in DC and any interloper such as Mr. Trump, rich, New York talking (one of the reasons I like him: I can relate) an independent puts a monkey wrench into the comfy and corrupt atmosphere…

Here’s where Ted Cruz comes in. His campaign is in a lot of trouble. Not enough money; he can only win GOP only caucuses, not mixed primaries. The GOP needs a patsy. Someone who is hungry enough for the White House, and in the end will sell his soul. I believe Ted Cruz is their candidate. So, they maneuver the convention, get some delegates to change their minds, go for an all out media attack against Trump and voila, Senator Cruz is the nominee.

When the GOP machine then takes over the campaign, we have them not only controlling the purse strings, but anything the candidate says. Soon we’ll be hearing Ted say how ‘nice’ Hillary is and how he can ‘cooperate’ with Congress and develop ‘bipartisanship’ reform (all of which makes my teeth clench). Just like McCain and Romney did.

The Democratic Party, on the other hand will pull out all the stops. They will hit him because of his religion, deeming him unsuited for the Presidency because he hates women and will take their birth control/abortions away. His security plans will be attacked as xenophobic, racist (even though he’s of Cuban ethnicity). And he hates those poor innocent Muslims who want nothing more than freedom, safety, America!! Wave that flag, folks; show the country what good Americans you are..

He’ll be deemed inexperienced in foreign policy, because he spent his time in Congress trying to go against his own party and how can you compare that to the globe trotting multi-cultural former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? She already knows the world’s leaders and she can step off from day one! (Except watch out for that 2AM phone call: she’s already ignored the one from Benghazi). But no matter.. She’ll definitely be there for the next one.

Ted Cruz has been shown with the Bible in his hand..his Evangelical background is a problem. Why? In America, people don’t like bible thumping. We have freedom OF religion, yes, not FROM, but still, to many religion is private; between them and their G-d. So what. So what, you say? The Dems will portray that as hatred against other religions, they’ll huff and puff and do ads how he wants to convert everyone to Christianity and oh, my, how does this affect the Jews, the Muslims, the Atheists, Hindus and let’s not forget the Pagans!

But in the midst of all this, the GOP operatives will tell Cruz and his campaign, that he can’t fight back, he has to appear moderate, appeal to as many groups as possible and so on and so forth. Honestly, they have this charade down to a science.. And since they own him body and soul, he will do as they say.. Sort of like dealing with Lucifer, wouldn’t you say?

So, in the end, Ted Cruz will lose the election and Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States. A sigh of relief will go up in GOP quarters because it will be ‘Mission Accomplished”.

They got their candidate elected….

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