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February 24, 2019

P-QRM#71: Who said What!? or in other words: It’s Stupid Comment Day…

Okay, so a few people out there, the Pope among them, have made some of the most inane comments in the past few days. We focus a bit on these since the world seems to be tilted dangerously out of whack..

We go over the latest OMG!! moment by the Trump haters and media; the latest info on the Kahn debacle, and more “loving actions” by the “religion of Peace…”

Interesting article by Robert Spencer detailing other Muslim military members actions against their comrades and/or this country…And justification from the Koran on why it is permissible..

And  we go off the deep end and get a little silly, again!

This and more on this edition of Political QRM


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