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February 24, 2019

P-QRM#73: So Little Time, So Many Topics

The first thing we focus on is a comment sent to us by a listener. Please know we welcome your respectful comments and will respond in kind.

Obviously,  one of the first items we talk about is Donald Trump’s comment on the 2nd Amendment and how the media used it to deflect from two important issues involving Hillary Clinton.

Speaking of which: we do focus on her health problems and the attendance at her Kissimmee Florida rally by the father of the terrorist who murdered 50 people at The Pulse Nightclub.

Turns out Hillary’s emails weren’t hacked by the Russians, but may have been turned over to Wikileaks by DNC aide Seth Rich (by the way we did get his name wrong in the podcast: our bad) , who was brutally murdered, yet nothing of value was taken from his person. This from Julian Assange (not my favorite person, but he does have some value)

And a little bit of food-talk at the end, which probably sent both of us to the ‘fridge after we wound up the podcast.

This and more on this edition of Political QRM.



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