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March 25, 2019

P-QRM #20: Sharia: NIMBY

With all the uncertainty in the Middle East right now, things are just a little on edge around here. Events; notably Iran’s President threatening Israel, a Saudi Cleric accusing Jews of using human blood in their “rituals”, the lengths that British schools are going to not to offend Muslims, including not teaching about the Holocaust, well, one of us (namely Ann Marie) was about done with all of it. Then the reports from Afghanistan regarding the murder of 9 of our soldiers in one week really set me off the edge.

So Lou and I devoted most of the broadcast to the Islam problem and how our federal state, and local governments are dealing with it.. or rather NOT dealing with it.

We reference many articles:

Dropping the Holocaust from history lessons? What some Schools are doing so that they Avoid Offending Muslim Students

Saudi Cleric Questions Holocaust

Iran calls Israel’s existence an ‘insult,’ as prominent rabbi warns it’s more than rhetoric

Another Afghan police attack kills 2 U.S. servicemen



And this one is a doozy and too close to home:

Farmington Public Schools Discovers New Reason for Selling School to the Islamic Cultural Association – It was Intimidated

And the latest from Joe , Foot in Mouth, Biden. It wouldn’t be a complete podcast if we weren’t showcasing a gaffe from him or Pelosi…



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