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April 30, 2017


I Generazioni. The Generations…

Many people are “into” genealogy these days, hoping to find a king or queen, a prince, a famous general or a pope….I found out my family has been peasants since at least the 13th century! Hey, now, I’m okay with it. Really, I am. There’s NO dishonor in being a peasant. Unless you become one

P-QRM 65: We Just Finished Recording When…..

The memorial service for the slain Dallas police officers took place on Tuesday and as always, Obama sullies their memory by bringing up the two men whose deaths precipitated these murders in the same breath… How dare he. Also, we speculate on Trump’s VP pick, which was promptly released as we just finished recording..wouldn’t you

As A Corollary to My Colleague…

As a corollary… Much of my immediate family came here “onna da boat” from the “olda country”. My father and one of his sisters were born here. The other sister and his nine brothers were born in Italy. ALL of them, (except Nonno, Grandpop), became citizens of the United States. Even Nonna, (Grandmom), studied and

Obama’s Foray into Your Child’s Bathroom…

Warning: some comments in this article may offend the special snowflakes of our culture who constantly need cuddling and affirmation.. To them I say: TOUGH. Don’t read it.. Obama, in his last months of his ‘reign’, is throwing monkey wrenches into our culture. His edict that transgender children should be permitted to use the school bathroom

Couldn’t Have Said It Better, Myself!

A very dear friend of mine, (bright, witty, charming and GORGEOUS), with whom I discuss matters both political and motorcycle, sent this to me. I’m putting it here in it’s entirety. You NEED to read this! Oh No You Didn’t ~ Claire T. Peterson I was never a very political person. My dad never announced

Bring it.

So the POTUS went to see the Saudis. Whoop. He got snubbed by the king the same as he got snubbed by Comrade Fidel when he was in Cuba the other day on his “World Apology Tour 2016”.  Really.  Sitting in a meeting with other Arab states arranging for more reasons for them all to

I’m NOT Showing You MINE.

And I don’t want to see yours. North Carolina’s new “bathroom law”, (HB-2), goes too far. So stipulated. As opposed to other laws that try to address such matters, (TN & AR, notably), the North Carolina law uses “on their birth certificate” as the criterion for which rest room a person should use. That’s where

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