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April 30, 2017


Another Day, Another Attack..When Does Western Civilization Say “Enough”!?

Once more, people massacred; hundreds injured. Candlelight vigils to mourn the victims; an increased police and military presence in cities throughout the world. Another terrorist attack. Same crap different day. European leaders insist that it is ‘only a few’ of the Muslims responsible for these atrocities.. And I shake my head at that statement, wondering if they would sacrifice

P-QRM #50: 50 Podcasts? You’re Kidding, Right?

Topics on this week’s show: Federal government shutdown, (keep it shut; it saves us money); Snowden gets an award in Russia for ‘integrity in Intelligence’: uh-huh The complete disrespect by Obama of veterans who fought for this country and those who have recently been killed in Afghanistan; All this and more on this week’s Political

P-QRM #48: Things are coming to a head…

This week’s broadcast starts off with the 110th anniversary of Harley Davidson. We discuss what is happening to the brand and the federal regulations affecting that company and many others in America. Also, we talk about the latest job numbers, the 90Million Americans that have given up looking for work and yet there are the

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