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Sunday, May 1, 2016


P-QRM #57 Too Much Politics Makes One Punchy…

So, we go a little off the rails for this one. However, we do manage to fit in timely topics (in between fits of laughter) such as: Brixit and the fact Obama can’t keep his nose out of Great Britain’s business. Saudi Arabia, for all its blustering is actually feeling the pinch economically. Domestically, we

Another Day, Another Attack..When Does Western Civilization Say “Enough”!?

Once more, people massacred; hundreds injured. Candlelight vigils to mourn the victims; an increased police and military presence in cities throughout the world. Another terrorist attack. Same crap different day. European leaders insist that it is ‘only a few’ of the Muslims responsible for these atrocities.. And I shake my head at that statement, wondering if they would sacrifice

The New GOP: the Republican Wing of the Democratic Party

So far, this election season is one of the most contentious I remember in my lifetime; and I’ve been watching politics since 1968. (No comments from the peanut gallery, please.) The GOP’s  attempt to put in their latest milquetoast of a candidate, good old JEB!, was a dismal failure. They believed, in their heart of

Is it Time to Take the GOP Off Life Support?

When something in your life, for example: clothing, wears out to the point you can’t walk in public and be considered decently clothed or a car is beyond repair, you replace it, and throw out the old one, right? I do. It’s the natural order of life. Old things go into the waste can, new

Feminism: Degrading America’s Daughters in the Name of Equality

Has anyone looked at America’s daughters lately?  Well, actually sometimes you can’t help but look.. Many of them have been turned into the ideal model for feminism, complete with skimpy clothing that would rival the average street walker in any large city, coupled with high rates of teen pregnancies and STDs. Of course in the

P-QRM #51: Sellout, Sellout, Sellout…Guess Who

Need I say more?? The GOP has turned its back on the American people and the Dems are laughing…and we’re the ones paying. What to do?? How can we redirect the country away from the cliff? We go over a few options and let off a lot of steam regarding the issue. This and more

P-QRM #50: 50 Podcasts? You’re Kidding, Right?

Topics on this week’s show: Federal government shutdown, (keep it shut; it saves us money); Snowden gets an award in Russia for ‘integrity in Intelligence’: uh-huh The complete disrespect by Obama of veterans who fought for this country and those who have recently been killed in Afghanistan; All this and more on this week’s Political

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