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August 7, 2020


“Lou, You Nazi!”

“GRAMMAR”, that is. I have been “into” computers since the advent of the PC. I believe it was 1989, maybe ’90. That works out to plus or minus twenty-eight years. In the last twenty I haven’t seen a single program into which you type words, (not code), that doesn’t have a spell checker. Many of

Only A DJ Could…

…create a mashup such as this! First let me say this, as it’s one of the MOST common of the errata of the last week. The “Right of the people to keep and bear arms” is NOT a “Constitutional Right”. It is a NATURAL RIGHT. As some would say, a G-D GIVEN RIGHT. The Second

I’m Not 19. Thank The G-ds.

If you’re going to read this, read all of it. I know, it’s a bit long. It is also a cross post from my blog. You know me to not be, (or I TRY, anyway), a tinfoil-hat wearing conspiracy theorist. I believe we did land on the Moon. BUT..   I watched a movie called

A GIANT among men. Period.

We’ve seen some very dramatic changes in the world of scouting in the last few years. What if I told you there was a GIANT among the men who have led the boys of the BOY SCOUTS to go on to become Eagles, pilots, doctors, lawyers and business leaders? What If I were to tell


I didn’t coin this portmanteau, Greg Gutfeld did. But it is, unfortunately, not only apropos but a “keeper”. We shouldn’t be surprised, really. After all, the “casting couch” has been around since Edison built the “Black Mariah” in his yard in West Orange. Probably before. Might even go back to the Globe Theater in England

Essay: The Left’s New-Found Morality

First: Hollywood. Starting with Harvey Weinstein and now filtering down to the lowest comedian in the Hollywood ‘elite’ we’re hearing some lurid tales of sexual misconduct. Hollywood has always had the well-known ‘casting couch’. It’s been that way since the silents.. Scandals have always plagued Tinsel Town and truthfully, high morals has never been part

Excerpted Repartee. (content added Sunday).

This exchange took place in the “comments” section ” at the “Center of The American Experiment” I’ve not had an opportunity to seek permission for the rights to present both sides, but I wanted to get this out AQAP. The subject at hand was a “protest” of the National Anthem and TAPS being presented at

A (Very Brief) Veterans’ Day Message, 2017

While I haven’t yet joined any of the various Veterans’ organizations, locally, since the move, I want to take a moment, (before 11:11 today), to THANK ALL of my brothers and sisters at arms who ever wore a uniform and survived. It may sound trite, but, there was a day when each of us “wrote

Article 85.

Some time ago former president Obama PRAISED then US Army Sgt Beaudry Robert Bergdahl for serving “with honor and distinction”. We LOST 6 MEN and a Combat DOG, (a claim disputed by (E-9 Type) CSM Ken Wolf who, in Stars & Stripes, said ““It doesn’t hold water because you’re in a very bad neighborhood regardless.

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